Astra 1×1

Astra 1x1

Astra 1×1

The Astra 1×1 by Litepanels will soon become one of the workhorses of our industry. It is the perfect light when you can only have one or two lights with you. It is bi-color and has a small footprint with a lot of punch (up to 4x the power of a standard 1×1). It can be a hard back light or nice, soft, key light (through a Chimera). Our Astras can be battery powered, and they are dmx controllable. We are dealers for Litepanels if you would like to look into buying one.


AadynTech’s Jab and Eco Punch

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 597,467″ limit=”2″ link=”custom” width=”380″ height=”260″]AadynTech’s Jab and Eco Punch are the new HMIs. A lot of pop with minimal power. Get the output of a 900w par with the Jab, and a 2500w par with the Punch without having to find a separate circuit or tying in to house power. When your production starts to feel like a boxing match, it’s good to be armed with a jab and punch.

Airstar Balloon Lights

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 482,481″ limit=”2″ link=”custom” width=”380″ height=”260″]We have 4K and 8K tungsten balloon lights available. When you need to provide a nice, soft, ambient light over a large area, these are the perfect tool. They can be filled with Nitrogen and affixed to a stand or condor. Fill them with Helium and float them from location to location or put them in places where flying is the only option.

MoVi M10 is Here!



The MŌVI-M10 is a 3-axis gimbal system that is going to change the way you plan your project. “Think it and do it!” instead of “Think it and wish you could do it.” Mount it to a car or condor and use as a hot head. Use it as a steadicam for your chase scene down the fire escape. The possibilities are endless!

Call Smoky Mountain Grip & Lighting today to see how it will work for you. Available NOW!



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