Custom Made 35 LB Shot Bags

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Custom Made 35lb Shot Bags

Red, Blue, Gray, Black or any color we can order.

*Call 865-947-5483 to complete order and discuss shipping options.

**Allow 2-3 weeks to build your order.

Reinforced, Weather Resistant Vinyl.

  • Triple and quadruple stitched seams
  • Corners reinforced with grommets (great to hang by if needed)
  • Fly away strap to easily pull the bag off of stands
  • Built in handles on ends for easy carrying

Stainless Steel Shot.

  • We use stainless steel shot to prevent rust.
  • Our shot is cleaned of industrial oils to keep the oils from leeching through the vinyl.
  • We have our shot tumbled so that there are no sharp edges to cut through the bag.
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